motobecane av10 bottom end ADVENTURE
motobecane av10 bottom end ADVENTURE


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

soooo, where were we? ah yes! av10 engine building conquest...

with this utility set, you get a sturdy new lite performance crank with needle bearing / wrist pin, SKF bearings and seals (the case comes with bearings and seals and we upgrade you right off the bat with even better ones!! hows that for some existential guidance??), new av10 case with gasket, studs, and case hardware, and a spring bracket!!!!

now, it is your choice to choose from a wide array of options...


you can use your stock ignition, or upgrade to le partie CDI ignition!


browse through some options here ranging from variators, clutches, pullers, and pieces! you can stick with your stock clutch, but maybe its time to upgrade?!

reed block:

choose from a variety of options like the doppler, athena, stock, malossi and dr reed blocks!


even more options here for intakes and 4 petal possibilities!


ohhh so many cylinder choices, this is a big one! stay 50 or go 70? who knows...


here are some cylinder head options and bits...


av10 pipe options ahead!!


ohhhh grab some gaskets depending on what cylinder you use!

you can use the motobecane doppler nut or peugeot doppler nut on the flywheel side. threading is m10 x 1.0mm

plus you get all the parts in this pack at a discounted price cause theyre all together, how sick is that?!

enjoy your trip abroad into the world of sure to send a postcard!!!


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