vespa piaggio tecno circuit performance pipe
vespa piaggio moped tecno circuit pipe



a seriously rad vespa pipe!

this model has the stinger rise up a little in the back, woah! use a M7 coupling nut to mount to the front engine stud for triple holding power!

for all vespa piaggio mopeds and kinetic

ciao, grande, bravo, si, boxer, tfr. . .

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1 of 5 dont do it September 23, 2016
taco eater : Kevin Pierce from Lynnwood, WA United States  
used it on 1 bike and 2 other people use it ion theirs. no bueno.

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4 of 5 Derestrict this Tecno pipe August 21, 2015
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
After removing the restrictor this pipe is decent, mind you it’s no Proma but still a decent pipe over stock any day

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3 of 5 Has a big ass limiter March 18, 2015
taco eater : freddy vdb from bruges, wvl Belgium  
there's a limiter in the silencer
Cut it off an take it apart
you will find a metal plate
its twisted and pressed into the silencer tube
Remove it and it goes double as fast
Pretty cheap pipe with good performance for stock and slighty boosted setups

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5 of 5 great pipe October 9, 2013
taco eater : moped man from portland , OR United States  
fits well liked it so well have two bang for buck its great power hits every where even on stockish engine  just jet up and go start with a 58 to 62 with stockish engine im jetted at 59 at 50cc and 60 on a 50cc booth run fine the 60 is on a 13sha carb the 59 is on a grande 12.12  and it rocks

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4 of 5 its a cheap circuit... September 25, 2013
taco eater : Dillon Ryan from middlebury, CT United States  
This pipe will not turn your Vespa into a Motorcycle.

Pipe is ok, just like every tecno pipe be prepared for the header paint to burn off in the first 20 miles.

Fitment was ok, required removal of paint from the inside slip mount on both bikes, and three different make cylinders.

Had issues with stripping the cheap hardware used on  the slip clamp: drill that sombish out, throw in an m10 bolt, weld that head to the pipe and torque it to the moon.

This tecno hits much higher than the puch or tomos versions, but definitely provides a nice peaky burst of mid with much more head room for higher rpm's.

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