puch vdo 80MPH speedometer
vdo 80MPH speedometer




the time is nigh my friends. we have risen from the dark days. the dawn of the brand new 80mph speedometer is upon is. buckle up, your journey begins here. simply extract your lousy original 30mph speedo you've pinned time after time and insert this new magnificent sleek black device, using the same speedo cable, housing, and prepare for the ultimate truth. tested and approved. 1 mile on it, ready for your new blast machine. remember where you were when it dropped.

this will directly replace puch. it will also work for more, like your 80mph batavus...make sure it is the right one for you, measurrrreee!

and now, get ready for the FEATURES

- speedo bracket with hand-tightening nuts
- rubber o-ring that sits under speedometer face
- bulb holder for ba7s bulbs (bulb not included)
- 2 wires with connectors, green = ground, red = power
- odometer, 0-80mph, smooth functioning needle and all black styling
- total length is 47.5mm and fits in any 60mm hole, like the stock puch holders and the bullet style headlight!
- works with any puch vdo cable like all of these cables we have
- threading diameter is about 9mm (puch size) and works with 1.6mm cable tip
- not an ancient piece made by vdo, but a modern production from europe!

tested up to 70mph on rodneys puch magnum ltd autisa za50 with gps on the side to confirm

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5 of 5 working good so far with a hickup August 14, 2023
taco eater : sky from san francisco, ca  
after a few months the speedometer needle started going crazy and shaking! unfortunate. but i'm not sure if it's the speedometer itself or the cable. hmm

EDIT: turned out to be my clone VDO speedometer drive… get a NOS one i guess

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1 of 5 Meh at best November 5, 2022
taco eater : JOSHUA from FERN CREEK, KY United States  
Unfortunately I can’t give this speedo a positive review.  As the needle bounces wildly like my nine year old in a bouncy house!  If it was a taco. It would be broken, cold and only have tomatoes in it.

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5 of 5 Quite choice October 20, 2022
taco eater : Conor Boone from Lexington, KY United States  
Installed this speedo on my 1978 Vespa grande and discovered why everyone in my neighborhood is going so slow, I top at 55, 60 down a hill 🤷‍♂️ Works good!

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4 of 5 Speed, Oh that’s how fast it goes April 23, 2022
taco eater : EEEEEEEEEE (moped sound) from Martinez, CA United States  
It works, fits (had to cut posts with a Dremel on my Freespirit), and price is right.  4 stars because the cheap plastic light housing broke when removing and then found that only the odometer lights up, not the numbers.  Treatland does warn that bulb is not included so don’t miss it like I did.

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5 of 5 How fast can you get a maxi to go? November 27, 2021
taco eater : Moped Madman from Murrieta, CA  
Works good, numbers on the odometer almost look hand painted, kinda cool for me but some might think its cheap, personally i like the hand crafted style. Gonna try to top it out without killing myself, but we'll see

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