puch bing METAL hi flow filter
puch bing metal hi flow filter


bing hi flow filter metal style for hi air flowin on your bing 12mm 14mm or 15mm carbs. Some people claim this fits under their side covers some say it won't, some cut a hole and make it look rad with just a lil metal poking out, and some just ditch their side covers. It fits fine under the magnum side covers. This is not compatible with the square bings. If you are desperate for a PHBG filter, just cut off the first bit, get a larger hose clamp and you're set!! yeah!!

at least 4.25" long - 60mm OD - 17mm ID mounting diameter and made for squishing over the normal 20mm OD of a bing.

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4 of 5 Fine filter November 3, 2022
taco eater : Dan from Stratford, CT United States  
As an air filter, this thing definitely passes air.

I'm thankful that the rubber neck is flexible, because with a 15mm high angled MLM intake, there is very little room for any air filter to fit behind the Bing. The rubber neck on this one does, but I foresee it failing in the future because it's gonna be bent in operation.

Oh well. I guess we'll burn that bridge when we cross it. For now it's rippin

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3 of 5 Filter is good, rubber neck is not April 8, 2022
taco eater : Andrew from fullerton, CA United States  
Fits on a 12mm round bing clone just fine, made my motor super happy and fits under the plastic cover on my KTM Foxi.  It lasted a month before the first thin rib swelled and rotted through.  The rubber neck is not fuel safe, so if you're riding a 2 stroke port valved moped you need a fix.  But how many of those can there be?!  3/4" rubber hose from the auto parts store fits perfectly inside of the rubber neck at the filter end and makes a good replacement.

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5 of 5 No more crap foam filter October 25, 2021
taco eater : Chad Tufts from Lebanon, OH United States  
The bing carb spits so much gas out that the foam would choke up the carb and cause me to 4 stroke.  No more 4 stroking and no more worry that the leaky carb wont clog up the filter.  I'm a gonna clean it regularly though.

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5 of 5 HIGHest flowing filter out there January 11, 2021
taco eater : Tyler from Folsom, CA United States  
Metal filters are the highest flowing filter by design and this one is no exception. This filter shaved at least a minute off of my taco trips. Fits great on a stock bing carb and stays nice and close to the frame, the stock side covers won't fit but you didn't want those on there anyways, right?

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4 of 5 Puch metal highflow filter May 12, 2018
taco eater : Tharan Mansell from Aptos, CA United States  
Clears Sears Free spirit side panels no problem. I used my " spready pliers " to loosen up the rubber prior to installing. A wee bit o grease and shazam!!!!

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