nos vintage cotter pin - pick your size
nos vintage cotter pin - pick your size

Vintage Cotter Pin Size*:

NOS vintage cotter pins for securing your pedal arms. sold individually. different mopeds use different size cotter pins so check before you buy.

these are nos from the 70's or so. Been sitting in a box covered with dust since way back when. We have a few sizes. Check the drop down for the deets!

to get these in properly, consider getting a cotter pin press tool!!! it makes a huuuge difference especially if you have lots of bikes or are wrenching a bunch. it will get in and out some of the toughest cotter pins without damaging them and keep em in tight!!!

attn!! news flash!! please keep in mind that the pedal shaft cutaway WILL affect the size of cotter pin that works perfectly with your pedal arms = infinite sizing possibilities.

puch and SOME tomos use 9.5mm pins.

Honda camino hobbit Pa50 use 9.5mm cotter pins if you are using the stock pedals/pedal shaft.

sold BY THE PIECE in case that isn't clear from the photo of one cotter pin and the second sentence above. hmm.

NOTE!!! if the size/color/make that you want is not showing up in the drop down menu above, that means it's out of stock for now. you'll have to find an alternate size/color/make or wait til the one ya want is back in stock! sry!


Most of these sizes are actually a bit undersized. so 8.00mm may actually be 7.91mm and 9.50mm may actually be 9.39, etc. So there's a slight standard deviation. Just a heads up!

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