NGK spark plugs - BPES - extended electrode - long thread
NGK spark plugs - BPES - extended electrode - long thread

spark plug size

NGK spark plugs - BPES - 14mm long thread. this plug is much more UNcommon and is for some specific situations the likes of which we do not know! double check your factory manual first! numbers correspond to the temperature of the spark. 5 is the hottest and 10 is the coolest. stock mopeds will generally run a 5 or 6, kitted mopeds maybe a 7 or 8, super high compression crazy kits may want a 9 or 10. or you might wanna do it the other way around and run a 5 on your race bike? find what works best

available in sizes BP5ES, BP6ES, BP7ES, BP8ES and BP9ES! - check drop down menu for ones in stock. if the one you want is out we will be getting it back in a day or two.

OEM quality, triple-gasket sealing process, consistent performance, plug of choice in billions of mopeds!

Gloria Intramotor uses the BP6ES as the stock spark plug.

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