honda hobbit pa50 custom cut PUCHONDA 47.6mm head for ATHENA - super street
honda hobbit pa50 custom cut PUCHONDA 47.6mm head - for ATHENA

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WOWIE!!! a puch head professionally adapted and machined to 47.6mm specifically for the hobbit ATHENA kit !!

say bye bye to decomp!!! so rad........

beware, you may need to cut a little bit of the fins to get the head to clear the frame/tank/petcock. be prepared!

honda hobbit camino, PA50, express, NU50 and the rest

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4 of 5 Pretty nice head with two caveats August 10, 2019
taco eater : BrendanM from Kalamazoo, MI  
TLDR; Overall the head is nice BUT there’s a couple differences from the photo.

My head:

The head I received has a lip machined into the chamber around the spark plug hole, presumably to give some extra meat in the head for the threads. Not a bummer, just different.

Also, the machining for the stud holes in the photo are really nice and clean, and appear to be simply redrilled right where they need to be. The head I received simply had the Puch stud holes milled/slotted out, past where they need to be for the Honda pattern, and they’re kinda rough.

Oh, and like most other Honda head swaps, you’ll need shorter cylinder studs, but this expected.

Either way, those two minor complaints aside, this head is pretty good and sealed up perfectly on my Athena kit. No piston head contact, no leaks, good compression but nothing crazy so temps are good.

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