Genuine dellorto 6mm jet packs #6413
Genuine dellorto 6mm jet packs #6413

6mm Dellorto Jet Packs*:

GENUINE DELLORTO JET PACKS!!! four different ranges to choose from. each range includes 10 jets!

once again, these are genuine dellorto!!! can't get more genuine then genuine dellorto. let me tell you...

for tomos A55 PHVA carburetors! only! 6mm dellorto jets #6413.

will not fit in PHBG or SHA carbs.

also used in these dellorto carburetors: PHBH 26mm - 30mm, PHBL 20mm - 26mm, PHBN 12mm - 17.5mm, PHF 30mm - 36mm, PHM 38mm - 41mm, PHVA 12mm - 17.5mm, PHVB 18mm - 22mm, VHSA 28mm + 32mm, VHSH 30mm + 32mm, VHBT 27mm - 30mm, VHSB 34mm - 39mm, and PHBE 30mm - 38mm.

4 ranges to choose from:


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5 of 5 What are you waiting for? August 15, 2022
taco eater : Dave Thacker from Tipp City, OH United States  
If you're not adding to your jet collection with every order, you are crazy.  It's nice to be able to make adjustments in small steps and really tune up nice.   Tip:   At top speed, If you let off the throttle a little bit and your speed creeps up, you are probably too lean.  Just this evening on a stock A55, went from Bi-Turbo on a 60 jet to a 66 when I upgraded to the Estoril side bleed.  Get more with every order so you have what you need.

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