PINASCO vespa variated transmission GEARBOX!

PINASCO vespa variated transmission GEARBOX!



brand new for 2019!! pinasco has released their very own variated vespa piaggio gearbox aka basket! in a time where finding a good used variated transmission is getting harder and harder, you can now build one from the ground up with all new parts!!

does not come with any gears! we've got malossi and cif gearset available separately!

includes all the caged needle bearings, drawn cup needle bearings, cover gasket and seals.

you'll need to either source or re-use your pedal engagement selector switch, output shaft, output shaft spring, shims, clutch cover bolts and oil fill/drain plug! this is one of those things where ya kinda wanna have your single speed trans on hand to rob little bits and pieces from it.

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