OEM yamaha QT50 throttle cable #2
OEM yamaha QT50 throttle cable #2


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ooops sorry i left caps lock on, okay so this is my favorite little cable, so cute right? its for one of the two cables that connects into the yamaha qt50 oil pump splitter, well, if youre still using it...this one leads to the carburetor off the splitter...

the cable housing is 245mm long and the cable inner is an astounding 33cm long! if you have a minature village you are building in your garage with tiny scaled down mopeds you can use this as a throttle cable or something for a 1/4 puch maxi otherwise its your normal adult sized qt50 pump cable #2 !!!!!

diagram above, number 15 in the pic...

part number 3L5-26312-00 & 5H9-26312-00 (this part number replaced the earlier part number)

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