NOS vespa 4 star mag wheel - FRONT - silver
NOS vespa 4 star mag wheel - FRONT - silver


 :*sorry none today*

genuine NOS vespa piaggio 16" front mag wheel 4 star style

okay, so this has the brake slot right in the center. check your forks!!!!!!! make sure yours is in the center. if its offset, it wont work unless you change the brake plate or something but yeah..

just about complete. only missing 11mm axle nuts and washers. comes with brake plate, brake pads, axle, loose bearings good to go, and a few nuts on there

heres a brake cable stop for that brake arm

in a NOS bag from many years ago, you will be the first...

also keep in mind, maybe has a few tiny little itty bitty scratches n stuff but nothing big at all

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