NOS vdo speedo drive - 17LH 29 54
NOS vdo speedo drive - 17LH 29 54



NOS VDO speedometer drive gear.. mmmmmm yum...

has the one tab finger thingy...

you always see these cracked and smashed out but this one is so minty we kinda don't even wanna let it go which means it up to you to change our minds!!

ID of axle hole is 12.5mm speedo driver tabs are 4mm long speedo cable threads are 10mm x 1mm speedo cable driver end is 1.6mm x 1.6mm

these puppies have been sitting on a shelf for years and need the grease!!!!

oh yeah did we mention, these work with puch! get ride of that old plastic one that doesn't work!

part number 17LH 29/54

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