NOS puch square SUPER BING - 15mm
NOS puch SUPER BING - 15mm

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ok, lets go over a few things! so, for this carb:

1. clamp size is for vm18 intakes (you can use it on any bike that has a vm18 intake if it clears!!! which is, well a ton of bikes)
2. has an air mixture screw and idle jet
3. advanced large metal adjustable banjo / round fuel filter and square float bowl
4. we do not have the cable choke adjster!!! its m7 x 0.75mm threading (sachs / korado size)

you will have to figure out what to do with the cable choke adjuster unless you switch it all from a sachs bing or korado

(if you have a korado or austro daimler AD, this carb is a perfect replacement! only difference is the air filter diameter/style..)

the cable choke parts are in there, just missing adjuster (sold separately)

the throttle cable does not use adjuster, the cable end sits in the slot as is and you tension it at your throttle

uses SQUARE bing jets!! comes with a 58 in it

comes with a 30 idle jet! we unfortunately dont have the idle jets separately

clamp ID is about 23.3mm

needle has 4 positions! it also has a nice plastic cable holder cap with a notch to align it

has over flow outlet on bottom for some tubing

air filter is 55mm OD

pictured above on a puch vm18 intake and the malossi 55mm velocity stack!

there you have it! the future of mopeding. or the past?

part number 15/15/102

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5 of 5 treats DOES have idle jets! January 27, 2021
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5 of 5 dang May 29, 2018
taco eater : Durk from Bae City, MI United States  
IDLE JETS cans be found here, very expensive:

These carbs are a great option for Mobys, over the 15 SHA.

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