NOS oem vespa internal 162933 IGNITION coil
NOS oem vespa internal 162933 IGNITION coil
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new old stock original vespa piaggio 6v ignition coil for points!!! this coil is for the standard "larger" inner diameter flywheels ie not the external magnet type that they used in the more recent years. basically, this is the coil ya want for any vespa that was regularly import to the states from like 1970 - 1983

if you know vespa, you know the 70s-80s era points ignitions wiring has like a 99.9% failure rate due to the horrible sheath material that they used on the wire that goes outside the stator to ht coil. well even though these were wrapped up in the original paiggio spare parts packaging and on a shelf for many years, they too have failing sheaths. luckily its only on one wire that can easily be unsoldered and swapped out! due to this they are a bit cheaper.

will work with a ton of vespas (more so the older ones but is specifically for:
- 1976-77 ciao and bravo
- 1978-80 grande

these ones have the smaller 1/8in female spade connector on the end (of the crappy wire)

bolt hole spacing center to center - 50mm

piaggio part # 162933

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