NOS minarelli V1 performance clutch
NOS minarelli V1 performance clutch


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new old stock minarelli V1 taper fit performance clutch!! this clutch is vastly superior to the stock v1 clutch for many reasons. yay!!

about 20% more friction material due to the longer pads PLUS nice n long puller threads that won't strip out in like 2 seconds.

oh yeah changing clutch springs is way easier with this bad boy due to the circlip top plate design! instead of having the typical spring loaded pads in the clutch arms, this clutch has a spring steel plate that pushed the pads against the back plate!

this is for pedal start v1! not for kick start!! err for some kick starts that use a separate kick start nut on the crank? not for stub plane!!

remember to grab some non-detergent oil to keep the friction material from deteriorating

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5 of 5 That 2 speed V1 you always wanted April 5, 2017
taco eater : Maitland Kelly from SAN FRANCISCO, CA United States  
So I tried one of these out in a stock bottom end, 15mm dakar SHA clone, no porting nothing.

Running it with some 20w-50 oil

did not change the springs or anything, and this seriously feels like I have a 2 speed bottom end. It revs out hard and pulls great on the bottom end, and then boom shifts smoothly into "second". I don't even think I can rev it out on a stock jug...

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