NOS minarelli V1 KICK start performance clutch
NOS minarelli V1 KICK start performance clutch


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new old stock minarelli V1ks taper fit performance kick start clutch!! this clutch is vastly superior to the stock v1 clutch for many reasons. yay!!

about 20% more friction material due to the longer pads PLUS nice n long puller threads that won't strip out in like 2 seconds.

oh yeah changing clutch springs is way easier with this bad boy due to the circlip top plate design! instead of having the typical spring loaded pads in the clutch arms, this clutch has a spring steel plate that pushed the pads against the back plate!

this is NOT for pedal start v1! its for kick start!! v1ks v1Lks ya know

remember to grab some non-detergent oil to keep the friction material from deteriorating

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5 of 5 Great Clutch, Cheap Too February 25, 2020
taco eater : DAS Riot from Detroit, MI United States  
This clutch is a great alternative to running a standard V1 clutch with the external claw nut.  Remember that these are for tapered cranks only! Thanks for finding these, Treats!

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5 of 5 Waaay better than stock April 23, 2019
taco eater : Baird Bergenthal from Midway City, CA United States  
This thing works amazing! So much better than stock. With the stock springs, it holds revs to about 5k, than launches. No more Fred Flintstone starts! Hooks up quick, doesn't keep slipping, and when it locks in, you can feel the punch. Really well made, and looks like it'll last forever. I F'-ing love it!

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