NOS magura grey FULL CONTROL SET - early puch maxi
NOS magura grey FULL CONTROL SET - early puch maxi
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here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

REAL ORIGINAL magura left and right side controls + grips to replace your original busted ones with OEM NOS quality german made parts!

these were found on many early mopeds too that have a starter lever and brakes! like kreidler, sachs, batavus, etc

of course also the same as Puch pinto, free spirit, swinger, newport, murray etc.

comes with throttle, throttle tube, grips, brake levers, starter lever, lever bolts, nylon nuts, starter cable bolt, and lever springs!

left side has 8mm mirror slot, both sides have a threaded spot for brake light switches.

works with this brake pin!

**these might come with brake light switches or might not, luck of the draw. some of them that probably don't work or might have damage. they are old, real, and sitting around for many years. if it works its a bonus!! that said most will prob work, but if it doesn't were not sending you a free one. you are buying the control set here not the brake light switches.**

**also, the grey coating will have some pitting and scratches, but hey they are original NOS OEM dead stock, give em a break, they are PROBABLY older than you!!!**

**ALSO some of these are dirty!! just like dirt though so basically scrub it with some spit and youre good ta go! these are original dead stock from the 70s that have been sitting around since then and happened to find their way to treatland**

normal 7/8" handlebar size

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