NOS derbi PINILLA 6 roller variator body - casting defects
NOS derbi PINILLA 6 roller variator body

alternate reality price $75.00

 :*sorry none today*

new old stock PINILLA 6 roller variator! from the looks of this, it seems to be identical to the stock 6 roller variator found on derbi flatreed straight down to the spring steel plates riveted to each roller ramp. maybe there is some sort of mystery performance? who knows!!

***NOTE these have some casting defects (air pockets) that were exposed once the face of the variator was machined. it's no biggie and shouldn't effect performance or longevity in any way...***

for use on piston port, pyramid reed, flatreed, or honda hobbit!

variator body ONLY...does not come with a ramp plate or roller weights.

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