NOS OEM tomos A3 crankshaft
NOS OEM tomos A3 crankshaft

alternate reality price $165.00


from the deep deep dredges of the moped void we bring you a NOS, that's new old stock, pristine, beautiful stock a3 crank, complete with unscathed golden bushing. never once ran!!!

we recommending checking the tomos manual specs on the bushing before running it however, just in case it needs to be reamed. would be a shame to let such a beautiful crank blow up right away.

Just a reminder for those of you that aren't tomos nerds, this crank is ONLY for A3 engines. This crank has a 10 pin bushing that is compatible ONLY with 10 pin wrist pins found on tomos A3 engines.

NO this will not fit your a55, and NO this will not fit your a35.

original tomos part number 209088

No returns on NOS part.

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