NOS 6v bosch SACHS stator assembly
NOS 6v bosch SACHS stator assembly



new old stock complete 6 volt bosch stator assembly!! this is a 90mm stator assembly that can be used on a buttload of different bikes, puch e50/za50, batavus m48, some sachs, flandria, etc.

this bad boy punches out:
- 23 watts of headlight power
- 5 watts of tail light power
- 10 watts of brake light power


this is the FIVE wire stator generally found on hercules, columbia, and some grycner mopeds.

these have a tad bit of corrosion on the aluminum stator plates, so clean 'em up if yah want...

sachs part number: 0283 130 000
bosch part number: 217 031 429

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