NEW puch 17" drum spoke wheel - silver - REAR
NEW puch 17" drum spoke wheel - silver - REAR



NEW puch 17" spoke wheel with aluminum rim and hub! amazing! also a direct replacement for motobecane and peugeot leleu 17" wheels with 80mm ID hubs!

this is the REAR wheel only!

brand spanking new 1.40 x 17 DOT rim. beautiful cnc'd hub with bearings, seals and internal spacer already installed.

these wheels are also made from high-quality aluminium and are very light!!! weighing in at 5lbs and 14.5oz! that's like 2.7kg. craaaaazy coool...especially if you're a racer!

these do not come with a brake plate, axle or spacers. you'll want to pick up a 12mm axle, some spacers (measure your situation to know your size), tires, tubes and rim strips. check out our selection of 80mm leleu brake plates here if you need em! uses normal puch leleu sprockets.

If you are using this on a puch and you already have sealed bearing wheels you can reuse all your existing axles, spacers, sprockets, hardware, brake plates, etc.

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