NEW complete motobecane kickstart unit
NEW complete motobecane kickstart unit

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here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

complete build it yerself kickstart unit for your motobecane av10 motor!! all components are brand spankin new! no used worn down junk here. comes with all the gears, shims, bolts and springs ya need to make things happen and best of all YOU get to put it together. Say goodbye to boredom while you enjoy this fun task. If you need more to do later just let me know cause I have some tasks I need help with.

this will NOT work with AV7 without some major modifications to the mounting bracket. It will be spaced out too far from the actuator nut and not make enough contact to do anything but grind the gears together just enough to annoy you and not start.. so don't bother unless ya want to do the work. the av10 steel mounting bracket that it comes with simply bolts to the cases via your existing case hardware. the included m6 allen bolts hold the kickstart unit to the plate.

for all those running er2 and er3 kickstart variators, jump with joy because you can toss your popcorn seeds, cigarette butts, or reeses pieces into the trash and kick away!!!

this is best suited for 50cc setups. larger bore kits with high compression tend to put too much stress on the plastic housing causing them to fail prematurely. remember, these were designed for stock av10 cylinders. that being said, the housing and inner plate are extremely strong due to the glass filled nylon material used!!

comes with the kick start actuator crankshaft nut!!!

does NOT currently come with the factory rubber bumper/stopper piece for limiting the travel of the kickstart lever. the threaded insert is m8 x 1.25 though, so you can thread in an m8 silent block or something similar to make that kickstart stopper work.

while on the topic kickstart levers, you also have to tighten down pretty hard on the kick start arm bolt because the spline fitment is a little on the loose side. new kickstart lever options soon to come!

some advice for assembly:
- (2) 10mm ID x 16mm OD shim go on the intermediate shaft (one on either side)
- (1) 16.2mm ID x 25mm OD shim goes on the input shaft (faces kickstart lever)
- (1) 12.2mm ID x 21mm OD shim goes on the input shaft (faces cases)

BE SURE to grease everything up while assembling! you're going to want a high viscosity, paste type grease that will resist fling-off for optimal performance n reduction of wear and tear.

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3 of 5 Best to install this when you are doing a rebuild February 4, 2020
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
You will get a bag of parts. Good luck! I finally got it all together with a photograph. You are going to have to take the whole stater plate off to get the back plate on.

You don’t put one of the exhaust mounts back on, the plate replaces it. I had to skip a washer on one bolt.

2020 update: put a couple of thick washers to make the nut that threads onto the crank Stick out further! No more grindy grind!

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