MLM - suzuki fa50 oil injection block-off plate
MLM - suzuki fa50 oil injection block-off plate


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

beautiful stainless steel plate cut with the power of lasers to assist you in your oil delete endeavors. includes a gasket too!

you're probably gonna wanna leave the plastic piece that goes down through the hole into your transmission. it'll just spin and keep things groovay.



the oil injection on a FA50 enters through the crank bearing on the stator side of the engine. on a super ripping racer FA50, deleting the oil injection could potentially lead to bearing failure. For most moped applications though, this block off plate will be fine and running a proper ratio of premix should cause no issues. But if you are concerned that your FA50 is such a ripping beast that it needs extra lube but you still want to delete the oil injection, YOU'RE IN LUCK! Suzuki with all their forethought cast in extra material in front of the crank bearing on the stator side, so you totally can split your cases, remove the stator side crank bearing and drill out a lubrication hole (kinda like on an e50). But seriously, you probably only need to do this if you are building the most insane ripper FA50 EVER!!! If you are prone to anxiety about lube-less failures, I might not delete it then. The choice is yours.

m5 mounting holes

mounts well with two m5 x 10mm length bolts!

by MLM

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