MLM sachs VM20 angle port intake
MLM sachs VM20 angle port intake



motion left mopeds 20mm flange style intake for sachs 505 and a mikuni vm20 carb!

this intake is for ANGLED intake port cylinders! like the airsal kit those found on 504, 505/1A and 505/1B i believe?! oh and piston port athena 80cc kit.

featuring a base plate that has the proper angles milled into it to allow the intake to sit flush!!

remember, these do not have the lil tabs/cable hangers for manual shift 505 motors!!

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Perfect Now October 12, 2017
taco eater : John Shankman from Brooklyn, NY United States  
These used to only fit for original Sachs 50x top ends but after talking with the treatland crew they convinced MLM to make them so that they fit the Airsal top ends too.

These are really high quality intakes.

Mikuni VM20 + Airsal 70cc kit + This Intake = Very brappy sachs. I can attest.

Do this and never waste another minute with your cruddy unreliable Bing.

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Great Quality not for G3 April 23, 2017
taco eater : Sam from Washington DC , DC United States  
Tried to put this on a Sachs G3 with a 70cc Airsol kit. It does not fit due to engine mounts. The quality is great and the powder coating is very nice. Got the flat one and have had to "modify" it to work.

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Rad as hell April 22, 2017
taco eater : Brent Bublitz from Milwaukee, WI United States  
Slapped this on a 70cc Airsal with a water cooled 77' head, mikuni 20mm VM round slide and a Quiche pipe. Fired up on the first try and rips hard. This thing fits perfect and is absolutely solid.

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