MLM puch reed block intake adapter
MLM puch reed block intake adapter



this reed block converter takes your piston port puch cylinder and allows it to accept a reed block!! best if you have a stock cylinder and just looking to reed it up, or you want to discover the hidden powers of a treat piston port kit, airsal piston port cylinder, etc.

so what you need is:

- reeds ...uses the super common tomos A35/103 style reeds like the puch polini reeds, airsal, malossi, and others like that. for reed blocks where the screws come out of the top you will need to slightly grind em down.
- four m5 bolts at least 16mm long to bolt on the intake, plus some washers.
- the reed spot is THREADED so you just bolt on your intake through the reed block and thread right in! no nutz
- you will need two intake gaskets
- this does NOT come with an intake. most will not work because they will hit the frame, you are going to need....

...the separate INTAKE!!!! it bolts to this reed adapter and is made for 15mm bing or just your stock bing! puts it right where ya want it along the frame! check out some pics of the whole thing above, seen on a treat pp kit but looks the same on stock or who knows...

pretty much the best intake upgrade for a stock bike when you don't want a kit, or just experiment cause this thing is, well, pretty kewl

intake bolt-on hole to hole is about 35mm
whole thing is about 73mm tall
intake has a square hole about 17 x 17mm!
reed block hole pattern is standard 103/tomos a35 39 x 32 x 39 x 36mm

so, we tried this intake out on minarelli, garelli, and derbi piston port and it will bolt right on, but you're gonna have to get suuuper crazy with the intake / frame complications...keep in mind peugeot 103 and tomos a35 use the same bolt pattern for the intake so you might find the intake you need there instead of the bing MLM one. just a rad thing to know for the tuners out there.

to get the most out of this you will for sure want to do some porting to cylinder/piston!

well, there ya go...have fun big dawgs

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5 of 5 Why the Bing thou October 27, 2018
taco eater : Ascoute, Zeros from Toledo, OH United States  
Man I hate Bings, dunno why, if you could put a Sha or VM18 on this? It would be the perfect "why the fuck not" project for the long cold midwest winter...

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5 of 5 if you're looking for something new to do September 10, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Santa Clara, CA United States  
then this is probably for you. If you reed port your piston port cylinder / piston and slap this on it'll fucking fly. Still haven't finished tuning mine in all the way but the low-mid end is incredible. I upgeared from 13x45 to 16x38 and it still accelerates faster off the line than my old piston port set up. You probably won't see any gains if you don't port though.

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