MLM puch MAXI super reinforced BLACK swing arm
MLM puch maxi super reinforced BLACK swing arm



motion left mopeds super reinforced black E-coated (E-coat is an industrial primer, it can be left as is, powder coated or painted over) wide swing arm for puch maxi mopeds! you wanna wide swing arm so you can run a fatty tire in the rear? sure why not.. you wanna race your punch maxi? go for it duder!

works perfectly with all stock puch parts, axles, adjusters its almost a perfect replica of a puch maxi swing arm but a million times stronger!

oh my goodness this thing is so pretty and i want to get one benji please let me have one!!! pleasssseeee!!!!!

this is maxi length just in case you were wondering.

3" wide on the inside where the tire hangs out so make sure you measure your tire just to be sure, okay boys and girls?

swingarm is 14" long (magnum is 1" longer)

and another sweet feature, the two welded mounting bolts are stainless steel!

seriously this thing is beautiful!

and weighs just under 4 pounds!

need a back mount plate for this bad boy? look no further

thank you devin you make nice moped parts for people!

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good quality but needs hardware July 26, 2018
taco eater : squirrel from amish country  
This thing is very well made and wayyyy stronger than stock. Fitment is perfect. Brake, shocks and axle all assembled without a hitch.

****TAKE NOTE****... you will need to get four M8 nuts, two 20mm x M8 bolts, and four lock washers to install this. The swingarm does not come with hardware and unlike the stock Puch swingarm, the hole for the bolts is not threaded. Might as well replace that rubber bushing while you have the old one off too.

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wish i got the magnum one September 3, 2016
taco eater : andrew rope a dope from suttons bay, MI United States  
first off, the weld on the brake tab was gooped up so much, i had to surgically grind it away with a dremel before my wheel would sit straight in the swingarm. that was pretty lame. probably could've sent it back, but i was too far down the rabbit hole after mounting it to the frame... anyways

get a new rubber damper thing, your old one is probably shot. install with your shocks mounted to align properly. check the fucking welds for slop.

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Solid August 2, 2014
taco eater : Chinatown Kicks from Boston  
Beefy, roomy, nice welds, a little heavy but a perfect fit

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oh baby oh baby oh baby January 27, 2014
taco eater : moped man from portland, OR United States  
buy this arm  with stock swing arm the gas shocks I bought wouldn't fit they work with this arm plus in fat tireing it like a harly that's right a 16 tire  eat your heart out rufus I can haul big chicks to and in style this swing ark wont fold up or leave you stranded

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Shit is LEGIT December 8, 2013
taco eater : Heywould Jablowme from Clinton , CT United States  
Go ahead buy that robot swing arm, then throw it out and cry that you should have bought this one. Very strong and everything is a DIRECT SWAP! Buy won't... Seriously though buy it

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