MLM morini techno EDM circuit pipe
MLM morini techno EDM circuit pipe


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a real beauty - this mlm techno edm pipe is a collab of man and machine, bringing you one SICK and TWIZTED exhaust. made to mount right up with minimal work, braced in stress points, with kicked up removable baffle to dust your enemies? friends? a low end monster for all morini powered machines.

this should fit with any M1, M101, M01, or M02 powered bike. since morini motors were on many different frames, the exhaust pipes all fit differently...keep that in mind! this pipe was fitted on a morini M1 powered motomarina/motobecane sebring


Perfect mounting
23mm ID header
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap is attached using two stainless Phillips head screws, no more drilling out rivets to quiet your ped!
High temp black powder coat
And....a smile on your face as you blast past your friends

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2 of 5 Sick and twisted is right. March 27, 2021
taco eater : Baird Bergenthal from Midway City, CA United States  
This pipe is a piece of crap. Apparently, MLM doesn't know anything about how wave form and gas flow works when going around sharp corners. The header pipe joint at the diffuser cone looks like it was kinked in a vice. Graham Bell would be very disappointed in this abomination. My taco rating is two taco bell tacos left in the back of a Subaru Brat for three years, that the rats won't even touch. The welds are pretty, though...

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4 of 5 better performance in every respect. September 1, 2019
taco eater : Fowler Rebel from Blacksburg, VA United States  
Intramotor Gloria Scout, M01, 12mm carburetor and intake, aftermarket carburetor slide, removed some screens from the filter and the sound deadening tubes from the air-box.

before buying, i knew the rear mount was on the wrong side for my frame. i'll make a bracket before i continue tuning.

the good: header angle is perfect. center-stand and pedals clear the pipe. idles stronger. take-off from stop to low rpms is waaay better, hits the pipe when nearing previous top speed of 25mph. I have only just begun tuning, so i dont know how many MPHs i'll gain.

it just mopeds: had to grind a lot of material off the header bracket to clear cylinder fins. DIY'ed a spacer to bring the pipe down so the header would clear the cylinder fins as well.

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