MLM minarelli v1 water cooled head - 47mm POLINI kit style
MLM minarelli v1 water cooled head - 47mm POLINI kit style

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good evening passengers, this is your captain speaking. up ahead in the stratosphere is a USA-made, NASA inspired water cooled head specifically made for the minarelli v1 polini 80cc kit!!

buckle up amigo, time to blastoff to the future!!!

**this version requires a longer cylinder stud!!!! longer than stock which is 136mm, so about 10mm more at 147mm. were getting them in a recessed version soon. if you dont wanna wait and can get longer studs then go for it! we dont recommend recessing it yourself as it will more than likely blow through**


- one piece design, 100% sealed against seam leaks
- bolt on fittings with perfectly matching o-rings on each side
- fittings have 360 free range of motion, ready to be bolted down to your desired angle! comes with 2 bolts.
- uses normal bhs plugs
- this head is made to work with the big circular 80cc polini head gasket!!

the head itself has a 113mm diameter. bolt holes are made for m6, but actually accommodate m7 as well, although it is a very tight fit. might be for the better, though, if desired.

fittings are 16mm OD, 15mm ID.

Please note when installing the fittings you should position the fitting in the direction you desire it to go and then tighten down the bolt. If you attempt to tighten down the fitting and then turn it the seal will be twisted and will possibly not seal. Make sure you follow these instructions carefully!!!!

head diameter is about 114mm and about 28.5mm wide.

bolt hole pattern is about 48mm x 48mm. do NOT attempt to widen holes, it will go through the surface! most likely like 99%

water cooled isnt for everyone. make sure you have enough experience before you DIVE in (hahaha i crack myself up)

anyway, this thing is seriously sick. just about as flawless as it can get. MIGHT have a few tiny little pits in one of the fins, but basically perfecto!

enjoy your journey into uncharted territories. just make sure one day, you can amaze your friends and tell them:


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