MLM honda urban express NU50 techno EDM circuit pipe
MLM honda urban express NU50 techno EDM circuit pipe



a real beauty - this nu50 techno edm pipe is a collab of man and machine, bringing you one SICK and TWIZTED exhaust. made to mount right up with minimal work, braced in stress points, with kicked up removable baffle to dust your enemies? friends? a low end monster for all urban expressionists alike.

dont try to pull a fast one and mount this on nc50 or regular express unless you can chop and mount and make up new brackets, this is made for NU50 !!

**plz note, some hobbit cylinders put the exhaust port in a different location which will throw off the mounting on these. As of July 2018 we are working a new super universal mount. So, keep in mind when using cylinders that use a spacer like the wizard and athena that the rear mount will not line up perfectly since the spacer pushes the exhaust mount to a different location. This is also the case on malossi H2O kits. Stock, polini, & DR all mount fine as well as others.. we will update as we find out more**

has a long boy rad bracket for mounting your fender to your engine (orig fender mounts to pipe) and getting it all up just right, and some hardware!

22mm ID header
super strong mounting flange
heavy duty mounting tab
high temp black powder coat
Spring mounted baffle
and....a really really really good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

mike...we dont know if it clears the stand yet so you gotta get one HA!

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5 of 5 keep the center stand and the rear fender September 21, 2019
taco eater : J R R Rutherford from COLUMBUS, OH United States  
Increase acceleration and top speed on your stock Urban.  Probably low 80s jet on stock carb, 31-33 grams in variator, stock belt, and techno pipe good for 36ish.  Can't beat the price.  Don't expect quiet.

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5 of 5 Keep kickstand and back fender! September 16, 2018
taco eater : Tomoromo from Jamestown, NY United States  
On a stock NU50, this hit's hard at about 25 mph. Low end is worse then the stock pipe. Had to up the main jet to a 90. I dropped the variator weights to 39 grams, and it is better, but I am waiting for a yellow contra spring.  Pipe is very well built.

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5 of 5 kickstand compatible! May 15, 2018
taco eater : Mike Boyd from Los Angeles, CA United States  
yessss! plus better reinforcement for that rear fender. way to go MLM!

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