MLM honda '87 ELITE 50 techno EDM pipe
MLM honda '87 ELITE 50 techno EDM pipe



super rad collaboration of man and machine...a circuit pipe from motion left mopeds for 1987 honda elite 50!! we don't know a ton about these bikes but I'm 90% sure it's only for the SE50.

devin writes: "
For the 1987 Elite 50 ONLY. Best results achieved by removing two of four variator balls. Might interfere with the plastic cover, i didnít have any plastics on the Scooter when I mocked it up. Works great on stock and big bore cylinders. Performs strong with stock carb and airbox."

more tuning info... If you are using an aftermarket variator on a stock pipe setup you will still probably want to plan on dropping the roller weight by 25-50%!!!!

**Plz note, like any pipe if you just put it on and don't change your weights or your jets you are going to be disappointed cause nothing is going to happen! wow! Cool concept right? Tune your variator, tune you carb and enjoy. Failure to do this will not result in the power yee seek**

lustrous black powder coat, sleek shape, and spring mounted baffle. probably something you have been waiting for?

The People's pipe offers the best power band for your pennies! Crazy good quality! Top notch performance for 50-70cc

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
7 gauge rear mount tab
High temp black powder coat
And....a good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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Beautiful Pipe- Also fits 88-93 SA50 Elite February 21, 2018
taco eater : Terry Larsen from Wilcox, NE United States  
Been searching  for a quality pipe for my 89 Elite SA50 with the AF05E engine...really hard to find. Saw this one and saw that it said 87 Elite only but took a chance, and it fits perfectly...I mean perfectly. Fits better than the stock pipe. Super well made. If you are looking for a pipe for your early Elite, grab this one soon! Price is right, service is great, and I don't think you're gonna find a better one anywhere else!

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