HPI mini rotor + internal rotor pull start adaptor!
HPI mini rotor + internal rotor pull start adaptor!


 :*sorry none today*

a nice lil pull start adapter kit for your HPI mini rotor or internal rotor! finally, a super simple bolt on pull start that allows you to remove your starter clutches or starter plate for reliability and faster off the line performance.

for use on clockwise or counter clockwise rotating motors! just flip the plate around duh!

you'll need to find an appropriately sized rope for this bad boy....nothin that a quick trip to the lawn mower shop can't solve.

includes a 6061 aluminum pull start plate and (2) stainless m6 x 16mm bolts!

NOTE: this also fits the internal rotor BUT requires the use of longer bolts (m6 x 22-25mm) and may need a lil bit of spacing off the flywheel in order to allow for proper operation. probably not though!

install TIP: use red loctite when installing the plate to your flywheel. also consider using blue loctite on your flywheel nut and a super small drop on the taper will make sure that the flywheel doesn't slip during hardcore pull startin

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2 of 5 Works but could use revision August 8, 2021
taco eater : Keegan Wilhelm from KCMO  
Have it on my mini rotor urban express. Was running a small pulley previously. This ninja star leaves a lot to be desired. Can only get two wraps of rope around it. Rope commonly jams and inevitably breaks the rope. Part of the cost is in the cloth sack it comes in. Would rather pay more for something I can easily wrap more rope around...

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5 of 5 works with HPI rotor weight as well September 24, 2020
taco eater : Eames from CA  
I was able to get this ninja star to work with my flat reed derbi that has an HPI mini rotor that also has the magneto weight.

the tricky part is that one of the bolts interferes with the ninja star mounting bolt.  you have to dremel down the bolt head a tad to make space for the ninja star mounting bolt. the star will sit on top of the weight mounting bolts and itll still work.

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5 of 5 Works great June 27, 2016
taco eater : Shane J from WI, United States  
make sure your bike is dialed! or close! then put this on your HPI, delete your hobbit starter shoes, and never look back. 2-3 pulls im started and running, put the piece of rope in your pocket and you gone. steal that pull cord off your POS mower, you dont even mow your grass anyway cus your lazy and too busy fixing your busted moped.

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5 of 5 Can't get much better May 22, 2016
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Derry, NH United States  
I absolutely love this thing

Allows me to remove  the pedals, and the starter plate on my E50... which also gave me more shim clearance for my new needle bearing clutch bell! (I just kept only the bearing side clearances in check)

I would suggest gingerly rounding the corners just enough so it doesn't destroy your cord, mine were a little sharp

3/16" is about the right size cord

If you have an HPI this is a must

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5 of 5 Mother fucking beyblade April 5, 2016
taco eater : Dead possum from Richmond , VA United States  
Dude the beyblade for the fucking win!!! This thing will leave your opponents behind. Cause you blasted em. No starter clutches dude. Bring your moped into the now.

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