CEV main switch with impedence coil - 143972 and 156045- 1972 thru 1975 vespa ciao without turn signals
CEV main switch - 143972 - 1972 thru 1975 vespa ciao without turn signals



ahhhh the classics, ya never get tired of 'em!! and you folks who appreciate these finer points may recognize a legend when you see one...

these CEV main switches are pretty much the motherboard of the old school vespa mopeds' electrical system. everything was wired into this board: lights, ignition, etc...

there were many different types of these boards at least 4 different types, maybe more? this is one of the 2 position switches with a diode on in but wait...there's no diode on this one? hmmmmm how could that be? well if you look closely at the pictures you will seem some electrical wizard of yore has modified this electrical system. that's right! they replaced the diode and wire everything up including the impedance coil. so if you have a stock on 1972 through 1975 vespa ciao that does not have turn signals, and you are looking to replace your electrical dash, well, look no further!

also, you are going to need a key to use this switch board...

part numbers 143972 and 156045

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