ATOMIC ignition wire & boot SHIELDED - PURPLE - 1 foot
ATOMIC ignition wire & boot SHIELDED - PURPLE - 1 foot


atomic shielded non-resistor spark plug wire

shielded non-resistor spark plug wires offer the strongest possible spark. resistive technology is used to reduce RFI-related malfunctions. CDI boxes are mounted close to the ignition coils, and therefore need RFI protection. shielding the ignition wire contains the electrical field within the shielding, thereby eliminating RFI interference and also creating an intense spark. for CDI ignition systems, use a resistor spark plug along with this wire to reduce electrical "backlash", which may cause interfere with the CDI. this will keep your CDI happy while maintaining the strongest possible spark. contact point ignition systems do not require, and will perform best using this shielded non-resistor spark plug wire without a resistor spark plug. a plug with a brilliant spark will foul less often.


"hey, I heard too hot a spark burns holes in pistons?" - not true. improper fuel mixture and/or incorrect ignition timing can cause this, not a strong spark. by assuring a good spark reaches the cylinder, a proper burn of the fuel mixture can take place. the longer the spark is present, the larger the portion of the swirling mixture is ignited which allows more complete combustion. this inevitably gives you the most from the fuel entering the engine.

your spark plug keeps the little end cap with this type of spark plug boot so don't lose it or make sure you can find one!

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