97/98 conti fiberglass 2 part full race fairing
97/98 conti fiberglass 2 part full race fairing


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conti full race fairing! two part outer fairings. made of fiberglass. 1997/1998 design. for peugeot and motobecane and any other moped you wanna put it on.

you will have to find or make your own windshield if you want that. also please note that the quality of this faring is not perfect. so be ready for that. it's really nice, just not perfect. it's unfinished, so you gotta prep and paint it yourself. and you gotta build the framework to mount it + the fairing is actually white. it's shown here in black so you can see what it looks like.

about 31" long
16" wide at widest part

made in france

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these are made by some guy named hubert right?

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