treatmetric puch e50 jammer clutch version six POINT ONE
treatmetric puch e50 jammer clutch version six POINT ONE


 :*sorry none today*

attention moped army warriors!!! treatland has flew in and unloaded the jammer version 6.1 specifically made for those who thought version 6 jammed to hard... can you handle it?
treatmetric's new 3 shoe clutch designed for jammin. cut with lasers from egyptian steel, springs sprung from the finest of springy spring steel, friction material sourced from the depths of the andes mountains. maybe.

comes with 3 sets of springs

NEW best fluid is motorex ATF as it's designed specifically for crazy high stall spin-out performance on KTM dirtbikes. If you want a lil cheaper alternative, lucas semi-synthetic ATF is awesome too!! royal purple is also a winner! but we're busy dudes currently working on jammer v12 so we encourage everyone to try different oils/fluids and report back with your findings. actually, you'll need to have a full report written from the tribologist if you decide to use something crazy.

***we suggest soaking the clutch in atf or whatever oil you plan on running over night to saturate the friction material prior to running it. this will help prevent premature de-lamination/excessive wear of the friction material.***

disassemble the clutch. when. you. get. it. put red loctite on the starter plate screws and blue loctite on the brace plate. yes.

WHEN INSTALLING NEW SPRINGS!!!! chamfer or round off the edges where the springs grab on each clutch shoe. the shoes are laser/water cut steel so that edge is a perfect 90deg angle. with a high torque setup, it acts like a knife that can cut yer lil clutch spring. make sense?

need some spare parts to get your jammer up to snuff?

total weight of the clutch - 465g +/- 5g (about 20g heavier than version six)
shoe weight - approx 44g per shoe (replacement shoes will be available shortly!)
10.9 grade black oxide hardware

e50 its what tis one's for

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5 of 5 I waited on this, but you shouldn't!!! February 28, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
You know how the HPI mini rotor is basically the king of aftermarket ignitions for E50s? Well, this is the King of clutches (that don't require wizard spells heheh)

Im also running a HPI and lightened clutch bell, so I found the strongest springs suited me the best. Cant really say anything about lower RPM set ups so check the other product page theres good info

Still trying/mixing different oils. Though somebody mentioned on the other page about thick oils having less slip vs thin oils having more and what he said seems to be the case.

There's no clutch you can buy then pop in that will match the performace of this clutch and as far as I can tell it has barely worn in about 100 miles, im talking like scuff marks thats it. its almost impossible to compare this to a pivoting clutch on all terms.

Just wishing for stronger springs to experiment with and replacement pads at this point.

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5 of 5 holy slipperoni February 28, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
deff take the edge off on the holes where you put springs

using this clutch is like everything i have ever dreamed of, mashing potatoes up hills bro so nice, you could say its a stussy mother. when it grabs ohhh lord when it grabs it wants to rip you off your little metal piece of history more than all the traffic building up behind your stussy mother.   i have the super stiffy springs and dat royal purpski ATF man slipping up hills cuz thats all I'm in my dudes/femmies.  any way you wan a set this clutch up will be sweet though.  haven't snapped my clutch bell yet, i also have a 62cc kit, ripper status, they hate us cuz they aint us, sanders 2k16 for prez.

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5 of 5 must buy February 28, 2019
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Santa Clara, CA United States  
easy to tune, rips super hard

heaviest springs + 0w20 oil = I don't have to use my pedals anymore to take off from a stop

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5 of 5 Everything I wished for + more February 28, 2019
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
I'm running a 70cc piston port and let me say this clutch puts out like a hoer omg yes. don't look back just rip into the sunlight saying holysh*t what did I build :/. Mashing up steep hills from dead stop W/18:40 gearing & M springs WoW

update: if you notice the back-plate on a stock E50 has grooves to separate the brake material. imo this probably helps keep your clutch cool. i also noticed when removing my starter clutch plate it was acting as a suction cup against the back-plate since there is no grooves to brake the suction (you might have this suction action issue but simple fix: just by drilling three 5mm holes about a 1/2-1" from the center in a triangle on the starter clutch plate but not to close!

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