tomos moped tecno ESTORIL performance pipe - version 1 mount
tomos moped tecno ESTORIL performance pipe - version 1 mount


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tecno estoril for tomos a3 and a35 engines. lookin sharp. mounts great on most tomos A35 bikes that I have heard of.

this has the version 1 rear bracket. please check the photos!

some bikes may experience slight, easily surmountable complications with the rear bracket not quite matching up to the rear exhaust mount. the rear bracket on these is HUGE with multiple holes, and you can easily drill another one if you want to get it perfect o.

the pedals don't seem to get in the way on any bikes, unlike on puch.

don't get the wrong idea about performance pipes, they aren't necessarily about hi speeds and noise...the estoril is actually an extremely quiet pipe, quieter than most. it will not only add to your top speed, but will also increase your acceleration, for sure, as in most noticeably, as in like a rocket. ship. enjoy.

this also fits on derbi pp and pyramid variants with thee most minor of modifications, just widen the bolt holes in the flange, drill a new hole in the rear bracket and/or make a lil bracket and you are set!

**ATTN** if this pipe is out of stock then you can use the new upgrade version here.

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4 of 5 A little w i d e November 20, 2017
taco eater : billybird from Madison, WI United States  
Could have been made a bit higher and more in line with the bike.  Decent perfofmance and not too loud.  I like.

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5 of 5 Deceptive Little Devil - I Likey So Far! May 12, 2016
taco eater : Tomos GT40-R from St. Paul, MN United States  
The low & sharp, burpy growl of this pipe... Best feature!

Low end has a more aggressive feel than the Circuit pipe. Once kicked in @ 8ish mph it grabs - then GOES! Constant pwr all thru 1st & 2nd; Even shifts at full throttle/rpm/speed w/o losin pwr: The Circuit was hard pressd 2 make up RPMs if I had 2 slow down from wot, bt ths pipe piks it right back up & qckly restores RPMs w/o pwr loss. On level, @ abt 25, pipe starts an endless push! U'll swear ur goin faster than u are!

Push/rubbr mallt side mount inward 1in. Drill hole in pipe brckt to match. Easy. U got this.
Pedals clear but center stand doesn't retract fully so watch those turns.

#'85 Tomos A3 Golden Bullet; ported exhst only in stock cyl; 15.15 SHA clone, screen filter; #60 jet (same in Circuit); 28:22 gearing; Savas/Mitas tires 16x2.25 front, 16x2.50 rear

#Reliable 40mph all day. Occasionally, with good cool air and tailwind, 43+mph!

*At 40mph I can tell there's more but... red lights.

U want this pipe

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5 of 5 Wow October 13, 2015
taco eater : Nathan Fields from Columbus, OH United States  
My BiTurdbo cracked and fell apart so I threw it in the garbage and snatched one of these up.. the power-band is is amazing in the Mid to high end. I cant wait to pull through that power band every time I am riding around. Get one of these now! Im going home to ride it right now! BYE FELICIA!

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5 of 5 Good pipe June 10, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from CT United States  
Put on stock a35 targa with the screen filter and 60 jet. gained 8mph easy. 68 jet and hi flo filter made little difference after that. Goes 40 down slight incline maybe 43 on a steeper slope

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5 of 5 this is a great pipe on a minarelli v1 March 17, 2015
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Memphis, TN United States  
super budget ripper pipe on a v1.

I have put mine on many different v1 setups (stock and kitted) and it destroys high end pipes for some reason.  I don't know why, but it does.  There is some sort of magic in there, I don't know what it is.

It is not bolt-and-go on a v1, however.

You must first bring the stud holes on the flange in towards the header about 1.5mm or so.  After that, you will need to bend the header, otherwise the pipe will sit REALLY low and look goofy.  Then, you have to make a rear exhaust bracket.  I usually just cut the included bracket off and re-weld it, but if you don't have welding capabilities then you will need to get crafty with your bracket making abilities.

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