tomos A35 44mm 70cc airsal kit
  tomos A35 airsal kit



tomos A35 airsal 44mm 70cc kit.

comes with the cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, reed block and reeds, exhaust studs and intake bolts + gaskets (base, exhaust and intakes) much like the alukit but it comes with a brown reed block with real carbon fiber reeds!! what a deal!

NO head gasket included. get a head gasket here!


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So far reliable. March 26, 2014
taco eater: traylor from tallahassee, FL United States  
I want to preface this by saying I'm only 350 miles in to this kit. I have a 15:15 sha 15mm intake ported, polini reeds, tecno estroil, high comp head, probably something else I'm forgetting.

I did the 200 mile break in and then took it straight to a rally. After 60-70 hard miles of running pretty full blast I can say that the kit seems to run comfortably around 280-320 degrees and when you're full throttle for long periods of time I was seeing 360-380, but thats after already running for 40 miles and going 45mph for a few minutes. Keep in mind I'm not running a big carb and intake so you might want to watch those temps or seize. I built this bike to be a really reliable in town moped. I'm assuming you can blast on this kit if you put an MLM, 24mikuni etc etc. but if you want a really reliable set up this kit is pretty cool. Not much room for case matching imo (I run an a55 bottom end)

I'd buy it again.

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This kit rips!!! May 19, 2013
taco eater: brandon koshak from cookstown, NJ United States  
Threw this kit on my sprint and was thrilled at the speed of it. Along with the puch high comp, it's fast.

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Good kit but... April 30, 2013
taco eater: Max Mojo from HelL.A.  
Good kit but why wouldn't you want the 45mm version? Also the nikasil is really thin in my experience. Besides that, solid and worth the money...

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Fucking Reeds August 1, 2012
taco eater: Doug Williams from Chicago, IL United States  
Great kit, it rips and performs really well after being broke in.
Ive bought four of these kits in the past 5 months and 3/4 had defective carbon reeds.
Pain in the ass to open reed block on these without dropping the engine.

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My wonderful experience. October 18, 2011
taco eater: Doolittle from 661  
Okay I'll save you the research and thinking if you want to go fast (50-60mph) on your a35 and have about $389 to spend, oh and already have an exhaust. If not then add another $150 - $200. Buy THIS kit + Airsal Hi-Comp Head + 20mm Mikuni + Weakends intake + Big cone K&N + 17.5 & 20 idle jets + 140-155 main jets + (2) 30mm M8 Allen bolts & nuts + Extended 7/16" socket for tightening head bolts + a little extra gas line + 2-4 hours of quality wrenching = Pavement BLASTING fun. Seriously can't go wrong with that combo this was my first time installing a kit on a ped it went on my 2003 sprint like butter, and started up first kick! The carb is literally louder than the exhaust and sounds so badass, old people and soccer moms will hate you.

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