tomos A3 & A35 SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed
tomos A3 & A35 SIDEBLEED estoril performance pipe + adjustable end bleed!!!!!!



oh man, i don't even know what to say. it's been many years of prototyping, ripping, refining, sweat and tears, nesquik drinking to bring the people the one and only teatland exclusive flat port, side-bled with adjustable end bleed estoril.

comes with (3) m8 x 1.25mm allen bolts to adjust your back pressure! one bolt is just a regular m8 if yer not into that end bleedin action, one has a 2mm ID hole and one has a 4mm ID hole. try em all and see how it affects the power band of the pipe!! its like having a 42104392 different pipes in one.

you can always grab some 20mm long M8 x 1.25 allens and drill them out if you want to really dial things in.

oh, and this does not have the internal baffle cone thing!

specifically made to mount up to the tomos A35!!! the angle is incorrect for tomos A55, keep in mind

A3 & A35 bikes like bullet, silver bullet, golden bullet, tt, ttlx, sprint, targa, targa lx, lx, st, etc... ONLY A3 and A35 models of these bikes!! NOTE there may be footpeg clearance issues with kick start models.

23.5mm header ID

this is jack's favorite pipe

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taco eater : ped Pal from Northern United States  
Bought this pipe, was very eager to see what any extra performance could come from a new exhaust on a small 50cc moped. Honestly not much. Made sure everything was snugg, sounds/ran like a top; but mike ped still on goes 29-30mph on flats. Anyone got specific tuning suggestions to boost this over 35mph (and not hold up the traffic to scared to pass me)???

If your gonna buy this bike get the wide boy pedals, I really wish treat land would not have advertised this as if would fit a Tomod a3, because my 1979 a3sp did not fit the pipe. Honestly, they (the site) should have just mand an asterisk (*...) to specify. I'd give the product a 100/10 taco score if Treatland courteously sent me the wide boy pedals as a small condolence, but you never can expect things like that these days. :(

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No silencer November 8, 2017
taco eater : Dpmc from bronx, NY United States  
Great pipe not sure if I got a defective one but after a few weeks the baffle and stinger broke off

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Looks & sounds great! April 23, 2017
taco eater : Jack Shaffer from Elyria, OH United States  
Running a 44mm K-star with 15/15 sha. Gave about a 2mph increase over Biturbo. Improved mid & upper rpm.  Bolted on easily with no issues. Found the bolt with larger bleed hole works best with my set up.

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Killer pipe! March 19, 2017
taco eater : Ian from Louisville, KY United States  
Picked this up with a SHA 15.15 and popped it on a bone stock bike and now it hits 42! Mounted right up with a bit of wiggling, no problems with swingarm or foot pegs. Sounds great and rips dicks!!! I'll be getting another one. Thanks for the awesomeness!

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really really quite perfect March 10, 2017
taco eater : Will C from san francisco, CA United States  
i have this on my a35 bullet TT. this is pretty much the perfect balance on my stockish setup. i found that the smaller of the two end bleeds is perfect for my setup.

with a mildly ported stock cylinder, MLM intake, 15 SHA and athena reeds, I'm hitting 50mph when fully wound out on a super long stretch of road. gets up to about 43mph in the city very quickly.

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