puch moped 65cc metrakit cylinder kit with upgraded piston/gaskets
puch moped 65cc metrakit cylinder kit



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


puch 65cc !!nikasil!! bore cylinder kit new in box with all gaskets ready to be mounted on any puch moped including but not limited to : Puch Maxi, Magnum, Dart, Cobra, Swinger, Pinto, Freespirit, Newport, Kromag; E50 (one speed) or ZA50 (two speed) engines. Some two speeds may have a tiny metal nub in the case that needs to be filed down in order to make these kits fit. It's super easy. For superior performance skip the bing route and use a dellorto 19-21 phbg on these to make them beastlike. Intakes usually available for one speeds, OR save some cash and take an old exhaust header from a tomos or italian bike and chop it off and make it the perfect o intake. If using the dellorto intake we sell get the clamp style dellorto, for the exhaust header intake use a rubber mount style dellorto. dreamy. Using a 19-21 phbg brings these kits to life and increases power throughout the whole range, no loss at all. plus we all know bings suck and are fully overpriced, hmm. no more cast in studs thank you based god.

***Since these did not come with gasket sets, we've hand selected our own super mega deluxe set to accompaby the kit!! Whooooa!!!!!!***

product description has not been changed to retain the vintage lingo circa 2007. enjoy

***we have changed the pistons out on these kits to a superior quality AIRSAL 43.5mm dual (non dykes) ring piston! the fitment and overall quality of the airsal piston is so so much better than the metrakit piston originally included with the cylinder. double check the ring gap n have no more worries! be free!***

need a perfect head for this? look no further

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1500 miles so far June 29, 2017
taco eater : Goshen mopeds from goshen, IN United States  
And not one single hiccup. Gps'd at 50 with a mlm sha intake and a 15.15 and no case matching, with a proma pipe. 68 jet. It is a literal slap together 50mph set up. How can you give this kit less than 5 stars??? 1500 miles and still looks brand new inside. These new Metras are amazing.

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Beware of failure....... November 22, 2016
taco eater : Steve Bailey from Walker, MI United States  
People on Moped Army mentioned having ring failures with this new nikasil 65. Thought I would give it a try. As warned, the upper ring locator pin failed after 210 miles. Upper piston ring came out and exploded into little pieces of hater. Destroyed the piston along with the cylinder sleeve. Bummer town.

edit treats : all of these sent from treats now include a superior piston with no issues. metra does not want to solve the problem, so we did it for you!

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Thank GOD! July 14, 2016
taco eater : todd amundson from los Angeles, CA United States  
So the new AIRSAL piston that comes with this works! I was scared of blow bye at first because at BDC both rings are exposed in the intake window. Still, Iv'e been blasting the crap outta this since day one.

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Bobby Selby July 11, 2016
taco eater : Robert Selby from Baltimore, MD United States  
The ring bosses are drilled 180deg. off so there is nothing stopping them from falling out inside the piston and if you look close the nubs that hold the bosses in are 180deg off...other than that it is a great kit...

edit treats : maybe you got it somewhere else? the ones we are selling have the correct piston in them. If you did get it from us, just email and we will take care of you!

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potential performace, and potential failur May 17, 2016
taco eater : joseph dobrovolny from omaha, NE United States  
Bought a used bike with an old abused metra 65. Read on mopedarmy of some people having ring failures with this new nikasil 65. Tried it anyway. As advertised, this kit pulls really really hard paired with a 19 phbg! As warned by forums, the upper ring locator pin failed after 400 miles. I suggest trying a different piston until metra fixes this issue.

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