puch moped 64cc polini replacement piston
  puch moped 64cc polini piston

polini piston size


replacement piston for ya polini kit,

includes super cool blue box, piston, ring, wrist pin, clips


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Mo'ped Mo'polini Mo' December 17, 2010
taco eater: chris.C from sc, ca  
I have 2 polini kits. Love um both. I love treats to.

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life worth living if you get the right size April 29, 2010
taco eater: matt Vassallo from Largo, FL United States  
puch polini is the best cylinder inducted moped kit. we know that.

but they are finicky, and their pistons and rings dont' last forever. luckily pistons are always in stock.

make sure if your kit came with a letter, to always get that letter OR SMALLER.

example.  C piston came with your polini?  you can use   B, C piston.

B piston came with your polini?  

use  A , B  piston.

A came piston?  you're only using A pistons. sorry.

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