puch 70cc tccd cylinder kit - 45mm
puch 70cc tccd kit

alternate reality price $69.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


6 port puch 70cc 45mm tccd cylinder kit including cylinder, piston, ring, wrist pin, intake/exhaust studs and clips.

now offering the CUSTOM CUT HEADS for tccd, perfectly matched for either sport touring or super street specs!!

***THIS KIT NEEDS TO BE SPACED! if you bolt it together with the gaskets provided, the piston will hit the head. it needs a minimum of a 1mm base spacer plus base gaskets and head gasket to clear a stock head!! of course, 70cc high comp heads vary so each setup will be different. some heads will require more spacing, some less. bust out your lead solder and make sure to check your squish and get it in the 0.8mm - 1.2mm zone or wherever ya want. ***

NOW INCLUDED IS A 1mm MLM SPACER!! YAY! (hence the $5 price increase)

this kit has a square port intake so any of these intakes will work..

super duper rad porting with

very nice quality all around.. get to it! blast off!

here's a replacement piston if ya need one!

complete gasket set included!

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So so easy December 20, 2017
taco eater : W FOwler from Buchanan, VA United States  
If you are new to mopeds buy this and a low comp head, do not use the spacer, case match, bolt it on, tune it up and bam mid 40s.  Tweak some more and hit 50.  Nearly indestructible

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50 for 60 April 26, 2017
taco eater : Jared Diaz from Laguna Niguel, CA United States  
This has got to be the best speed bargain out there.  For $60 you get a kit that is capable of hitting close to 50 mph with basic supporting mods! I have a 15mm bing, 15mm intake, tecno boss, 17x45 gears, performance filter, and I hit 48mph. The low end torque is much improved over the 50cc hi hi head/cylinder kit that I had and it still looks stock!

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Went on easy, no problems April 22, 2017
taco eater : Brent Bublitz from Milwaukee, WI United States  
paired it with a 15 Bing, high comp head and a Boss pipe. No spacing issues. Still running rich for break in, but it has great low end and has given me no trouble at all. Don't be stupid with it and it will be great.

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For $60 Heck YEAH! April 9, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Milwaukee, WI United States  
Plopped this on a completely stock bike with a 17mm Dellorto and Proma. 17x45. Zero port work. 47.3 mph on flats.

Yeah I'll take that for now! But I'm still hungry for more!

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Awesome, no problems March 12, 2017
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Brooklyn, NY United States  
Bought this kit for my first ever engine rebuild, an e50. Ring was gapped perfectly from factory! All ports were nicely chamfered from factory too!!! Only about 1.5mm of base sealing surface on the left side transfer, but good gasket material and some copper spray allayed any worry. No problems with height at all, some good quality 1/16 base gasket material and it was perfecto. Factory base gasket was not good.

Broke it in with amsoil 70:1 for 40 or 50 miles, just varying the throttle is all i did. Rips super hard with a 14mm bing and 15mm intake with an estoril pipe. Top out at 47mph with 18x45 gearing, but it gets there SUPER QUICK...running a stock 2 shoe with stock springs.

Would definitely buy again.

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