puch 70cc LOW compression head
puch 70cc LOW compression head



usable on the numerous 70cc kits like athena, tccd, kstar as well as the 64cc polini, and the 65cc metrakit.

compatible with puch maxi, magnum, dart, cobra, swinger, pinto, freespirit, newport, kromag, etc.

this is the low compression style head with the different style sealing surface, more like the OG style puch head.

works perfect on tomos and yamaha chappy and qt50 as well. bolts on, no problem.  If you want to use this head for non puch applications, be sure your spark plug is the correct model. this head uses short plugs like these. do not use the wrong plug length AND check and recheck your squish and the spacing before you run this head with this setup. or suffer the consequences. the stock head is totally usable on this setup as well, it is all in your hands, don't destroy your new kit.

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5 of 5 THICC October 10, 2018
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Portland, OR United States  
This thing is sick, fully what you want if you're running into piston hitting head issues. It has that big ol step before the squishband. Kinda like an extra head gasket.

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5 of 5 This is what you want for TCCD March 27, 2015
taco eater : Mark from Somerville, MA United States  
If you're gonna use the 45mm TCCD kit this is the head you want. The piston with that kit has a full dome, which isn't compatible with the cut on other heads. And the dome is so big that you'll still be at fairly high compression (I'm at 180 with standard gaskets and no other mods).

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4 of 5 finally! June 23, 2014
taco eater : ryan lewis from LBMopeds CA United States  
i usually cut my own heads, but now they got it right! low compression head is what you want for pump gas! this is the high torque fin style that well match k star polini athena treat reed ect. no more over heating and suitable for high revs on pump gas. if you have a polini with a high rev pipe this well work perfect. the thing that most people don't get is high compression means lots of heat and is meant to be run with high octane race fuel too stay cool and reap the benefits of power. with low comp you can run 18 to 20 degrees of timing and not nuke your motor or get heat fade banging out high revs down the coast for miles!

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