peugeot polini crankshaft - small taper

peugeot polini crankshaft - small taper


polini performance crankshaft for peugeot. this is the small taper version for use with CDI, NOT POINTS

insane polini quality...beautifully machined maybe the nicest peugeot crank available at this time. features composite (bakelite-esq) stuffers, massive oil slot in the small end. includes a 12 x 15 x 17.5mm small end needle bearing!

**peugeot crankshafts come in two different taper sizes, one has the same taper as a stock peugeot crank and the other is a smaller diameter. so be aware of this when purchasing any peugeot crank or CDI. you must get ones that fit together or suffer everlasting frustration and confusion.**


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complete your peugeot polini race engine January 11, 2016
taco eater : Francisco Pimentel from Smith's, Bermuda  
strong performance crank. very nice quality.

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