OEM tomos A35 throttle assembly
original OEM tomos A35 throttle assembly


 :*sorry none today*

** August 29th 2017 - We all knew this day would come one day... these are now out of stock. These were last produced 15 years ago by a company that went out of business. They look similar to domino, but they are not. There is not a throttle that is compatible with stock A35 switches. It will be a tough choice on what to use to replace this one. I would search through all our throttles and ask away if you have any questions **

original tomos A35 throttle assembly. appears to be a domino copy? features spring loaded brake lever, super springy throttle! mirror mounting hole, threaded hole for brake light button, opening for switch panel and a rad plastic brake lever that says tomos on it!

goes with this tomos A35 electrical switch

get a replacement throttle tube HERE if ya wanna

get a replacement slide with screw here!

tomos part number - 223700

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nice but catchy July 18, 2011
taco eater : jmelville from savannah ga  
nice to have to keep your A35 as is but throttle gets catchy and can become a real pain, i assume it has something to  do with plastic parts rubbing against pointy metal screws. also if you get this and it becomes catchy then you want grippy grips so your sweaty hands dont slip and cant pull the gas looking like an idiot

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