motobecane polini AV10 performance case completo

motobecane polini AV10 performance case completo



new, complete, completo, everything, the whole enchilada!

one of the best and only cases available for motobecane. comes with all things in the photo. case halves, large reed block, super super strong m7 x 125mm engine studs that have standard (not course) threading, super reinforced bearings, seals, one SHA intake, one PHBG intake, pick your fancy, all the gaskets (case, base and intake) + some nuts and bolts!

use with any number of AV10 kits


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The thunder tribe July 22, 2015
taco eater : Zac Smith from Seattle, WA United States  
The case bolts are M7 -80mm bolts with collars not threaded all the way, you need 7 of them and the kit only includes 2! No big deal right?. GOOD LUCK finding those. They don't exist. Just drill out the holes to m8 bolts size right? WRONG. You do that and there is several spots that become to thin for a gasket to be effective so it will leak. could use M6 bolts but that is fairly small and at 80 mm length that is needed they would tend to stretch. Also I don't know about all cranks but the artek full circle crank catches pretty bad and rubs on the inside of the case. Super sad that this purchase turned out so bad cause it is not cheap!!!

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