motobecane av7 novi ignition black plastic flywheel cover
motobecane av7 novi ignition black plastic flywheel cover



black plastic flyhweel cover + straps for protecting your precious novi ignition from the fierce reality that is the outdoor elements.

repels water, sleet, snow, acid, lighting, and most importantly keeps the spiders out. ya know like shawn always says ya gotta make sure there are no spiders in your float bowl because your moped won't wanna start if they're in there....same goes with the spiders=happy times.

about 124mm ID

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Perfect fit October 1, 2014
taco eater : Kiel from BC Canada  
A snug fit over my AV7 points ignition. Rubber straps stretched over and hooked on okay. Will see how they do in the long term.

No problems with clearance using the modern-style hex-head novi nut.

It's not too visible in the picture, but the centre is slighting "domed" in appearance and looks quite nice on the bike. Would recommend to anyone looking to cover up a grungy flywheel or keep crap out of your magneto.

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