honda hobbit stocko shocko extremo 60.2cc kit
honda hobbit pa50 extremo 44mm 60.2cc



the latest addition to the treat family of cylinders, the stocko shocko extremo cast iron 44mm 60.2ccs of power kit for honda hobbit!!!

compatible with honda hobbit, camino, express, pa50, pa50II, nu50, nc50, etc.. ..

some express bikes may require minor fin cutting to fit, but well worth it for this raw power

is this real? yes. prepare to be shocked, and stocked. this kit is black painted cast iron. it's super durable and reliable. porting is simple for a long life of 44mm rippin it up man, man up! if you can handle this. extemo!

comes with cylinder, piston, wrist pin, clips and NO gasket set! yes, NO gasket set is included.

also comes with a special feature. it comes with a piston ring springy thing that you can put in before the lower ring. maybe it gives it some extra spring for supreme sealing and compression! or forget you ever saw it.

spare pistons and rings available!

**ATTN, this shall serve as your official notice from the high priestess of thee kingdom - this cylinder no longer includes gaskets, well sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... SO if you want to be assured you have a nice new set of gaskets grab these or suffer.**

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5 of 5 Express II na50 September 9, 2021
taco eater : Roy Peters from West Bloomfield, MI United States  
Installed with stock carb with a 85 jet and stock exhaust.  I did put an extra gasket at the case as the piston was very tight @ the head gasket. Trimmed 3 fins with a dremmel to drain the trans oil.  Picked up 3 mph and better uphill speed.

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5 of 5 Good upgrade even if going for sleeper look June 17, 2021
taco eater : Anonymous Person  
Kit went together just fine. Has a lot of sharp edges though, and I had to trim the fins (as expected) and the decomp port was sorted with a chunk of a bolt. Has HIGH compression. Besides reeds the bike is basically stock. Throw on the MLM next level pipe and paint the shield the correct color and you have a nice sleeper.

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5 of 5 Has potential! April 3, 2020
taco eater : Eds Moped Shop from Omaha, NE United States  
With the right amount of work, I was able to get this kit up to 55mph!
I decked the cylinder 2mm, opened and raised the exhaust to 175*. 2mm base spacer/gaskets. 44mm Treats custom cut Puch head(no gasket). 19mm PHBG. 0.35” reeds. CrankPipe. Stock points!

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5 of 5 Does Things Goodly October 27, 2019
taco eater : Synthski from Saint Louis  
Quality stuff for making your ped go faster. Stuff some metal epoxy down that decompression circuit, and make sure you do the wrist pin clips right or you're gonna have a bad time. Boom, done.

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5 of 5 Kit rocks! July 5, 2019
taco eater : MOTO2N from COLORADO USA  
Drilled the decomp hole w/ a 4.8mm bit (*correct* is 5mm bit, but I didn't have one, so what?), tapped it M6 (go SLOW if you're using the wrong drill bit!), cut the head off of an M6 bolt, cut a slot in that, ran it in w/ red loctite. Popped this cyl/piston on w/ a Dellorto SHA15.15 and MLM people's pipe, put a 63 main in the carb, and this turd goes 40+ at 5200+ feet. NOT BAD AT ALL! 5 TACOS! If your circlip comes off, you did it wrong! LOL!

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