honda MB5 tecno performance exhaust pipe
honda MB5 tecno pipe


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honda mb5 tecno race performance exhaust pipe.

fits a wide range of honda models - MB5, MB50, MBX,MTX, so on and so forth.

do your research!

lots of info HERE if ya need it.

REMEMBER!!! as with almost all mb5 performance pipes, there are peg clearance issues. be prepared to bend, hack n weld, etc. as necessary to get it to fit!

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5 of 5 Vroom Vroom! July 22, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Texas, Ya'll. Like, Yee-Haw!  
Very hard to fit. Must remove the center kickstand and I had to cut, re-angle, and weld the flange. Also needs more packing in the muffler.
But who cares?  It makes MB5 go from put-put to Zoom-Zoom. Great pipe and it's well matched to the motor. Buy this, Regret nothing!

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3 of 5 Takes work but its fun October 24, 2013
taco eater : Joe Peg from Portland , OR United States  
My review is that I bought this pipe and put it on. I wasnt a fan of it at first but after some clutch mods I ended up liking it. The pipe hits super late which makes 4th and 5th gear hard to pull on a stock cylinder/ gearing setup.  After some tuning and coupled with a vm20 carb my bike is certianly faster overall. With a little regearing I think the higher gears would be easier to pull without sacrificing top speed as well.

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4 of 5 Strange mounting... September 22, 2013
taco eater : klags from Brooklyn, NY United States  
There's no mention that you can't use your center stand with this pipe... not a big deal, but would have been nice to know. Also helpful to know: you'll have to make the gasket yourself. Does not use standard crush gaskets like most MB5 pipes. Cut one from good thick gasket paper. Looks awesome, fits up around the frame fine when you take off the center stand. Very high power band so listen up - if you're the kind of dummy that puts a giant carb on all your mopeds because you have small penis syndrome, don't buy this. Use a 17-19mm carb if you want to spend any significant time in the powerband. That setup hits about 7500 RPM and it will last until about 10.5 or 11K. If you are using a 21 or larger size carb, you will not be using this pipe to your advantage. You are going to be in the powerband at around 9500 or higher, and since you redline around 10,500 or 11K you are literally just bypassing the pipe's benefits entirely. So let's recap - small carb = better. Pipe = awesome.

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5 of 5 Nice pipe but peaky is an understatement March 3, 2013
taco eater : Justin Norwood from Gardiner, ME United States  
Installs super easy.  I have mine on an Athena kit with boysen reeds and 21mm dellorto.  Pipe kicks in at 10,500.  Redline is at 11,000.

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5 of 5 hmmm February 1, 2013
taco eater : gregory kohler from bowling green, KY United States  
possible garelli monza gt fitting??
treats should let me borrow one to see if it works....

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