honda MB5 proma gp performance exhaust pipe
honda MB5 proma performance exhaust pipe


honda mb5 proma gp performance exhaust pipe

may fit a wide range of honda models - MB5, MB50, MBX,MTX, so on and so forth. not sure exactly what model it's made to fit

do your research!

lots of info HERE if ya need it.

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4 of 5 Not the best pipe but great value for the money June 9, 2018
taco eater : Richard Pellegrino from Albuquerque, NM United States  
I run sever MB5 and run this pipe off and on against the techno racing and Dutch pipe. It is a great pipe overall rev range and more useable however pipe sounds like George jetson’s car and weak top end compared to the better more expense pipes. Much better than stock and fitted great. No need to remove center stand either as I had to do with the techno racing pipe. But I still favor the techno pipe over this

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4 of 5 Good pipe for the price. March 26, 2017
taco eater : Quoc Le from Manchester, NH United States  
It's a great pipe for those who want some extra power for your 50cc or 70cc setup. The pipe doesn't hit until 10-11k rpm but there is definitely some power to the pipe.

Some of the issues that I had with the pipe:
1. The flange is a very soft steel that will to bend when you tightened the header to the cylinder.
2. There was a slight clearance issue when it came to mounting the pipe. I just mounted flange with the attachment onto the cylinder, then removed the foot pegs, installed the pipe to the flange...then put the pegs back on.
3. The springs were too long. They needed to cut down with an angle grinder and new hooks needed to be bent out.
4. This pipe will need a new stock exhaust gasket (which is obvious) but don't use the copper crush gasket because it will be too thin and it won't make a nice seal between the header and the cylinder.

Other than that, the pipe will be a decent addition to your MB5

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5 of 5 ripper! December 5, 2016
taco eater : rodney from san francisco  
super good pipe for 70cc. i have one on my derbi c4 with a franco morini dual variated ew50 engine. its light, so doesnt rattle off bolts easy and spring mount gives it some flex and play. been using it for a really long time and still love it. good pipe if you need this angle!

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4 of 5 Seems like a worthy investment. January 23, 2013
taco eater : Jeremy from SoCal United States  
I didn't have the fitment issues that others complained about. I didn't have to bend, modify, or fabricate anything. I did however have to use some high-temp gasket maker (FMF recommends to use this on their exhausts) to get get it to seal at the header connection, and where the silencer bolts up. The springs also seem a little too long. I bent the hooks on the springs to shorten them. I also removed the foot pegs supports to ease install of the pipe. But they went back on easily enough.

This pipe has a good powerband. Doesn't really give up much down low, but pulls stronger than stock from mid RPMs up. I experimented with jetting and found that I needed to richen the bike up. I went up two main jet sizes from what was nearly perfect jetting. This really woke up the bike and proved the value of a good tuned exhaust.

The silencer is repackable. A must for any two stroke.

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5 of 5 eeeeeeeee June 1, 2011
taco eater : steven from sebring  

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