WEAK-ENDS honda hobbit performance pipe
  honda hobbit WEAK-ENDS performance pipe


 :*sorry none today*

news flash from the weekends dude.. the hobbit pipe has a much better header now! its stronger and fits a lot better!

finally a new hobbit pipe for the people, score, thanks to florida's WEAK-ENDS gang we now have this all black rippin pipe for hobbits.

great chamber sure to get ya to the speeds you've been missing.

features a nice beefy bracket and a baffle sure not to fall off like the proma one you're currently missing.

mounts up in minutes on hobbit and PA50s, score. sometimes the pipe or cylinder will need to be dremeled down as the header is too big for some kits. see the reviews for more details.

all weak-ends pipes are 18 gauge (what a) steal!

header 26.6mm I.D.
stinger 17.1mm I.D.
center chamber 91mm

these will mount up with varying complications on all the honda express bikes using the similar style of cylinder, don't ask me, ask yer fellow riders!!! they know!! maybe?

this is the pipe ya been waiting for so get it get it get it.


IF ya have this pipe put in a review and let the people know what ya think!!! win a prize ! or not !

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Pairs well with Athena April 5, 2014
taco eater: Joshua Smith from Ottawa, IL United States  
What a ripper. On demand power at all times with the Athena cylinder. Great for passing cars or ripping around a track.

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meh August 3, 2011
taco eater: Anonymous Person from Ohio  
inspect the welds. had the mounting bracket separate from the pipe and the header lip fell off. It was held on by two opposing tack welds.
The pipe itself sat in my garage alongside a boss and proma... within a month, the weakends pipe was covered in surface rust.
Weakends did offer to fix it if i were to pay for shipping both ways and wait a few weeks.
I ended up chopping the header and welding a new one on. The bracket was also easily patched. Cleaned off the rust and repainted with high temp BBQ paint.
not super impressed... for the price, but I hear great things about the new generation of pipes they are making. I believe I have a first gen pipe. Im not sure what gauge the cones are, but they the estoril is easily twice as thick. A thicker gauge could probably reduce the pipe's proma-like sound qualities.
other than that, it rips and takes a dr kit, carbon reeds, notched var and 19 phbg to mid 50's. this pipe enjoys the malossi blue springs.

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my wet dream April 25, 2011
taco eater: josh from louisville, ky  
just put this pipe on my hobbit, and all my wet dreams were realized

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taco eater: Weak-Ends Jamie from Weak-Ends HQ - Port St. Lucie, FL  
New header for the poeple!!!! No more files to dull and broken cut-off wheels to bolt up this newly designed, fully TIG welded, hand-made pipe.
DR kits no longer need to worry.
Bolt up and rip!!
Features a maintenance-free silencer, filled with stainless steel packing material that will outlast your rusty moped!

P.S. The old pics no longer do this pipe any justice. Nothing but beautiful welds for our stuff. The hobos have finally stepped up :)

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NIce alternative to proma/not the second coming September 13, 2010
taco eater: Brian Behrmann from saint louis, MO United States  
This pipe has amazing midrange, but has some problems too.  

1.  There is a huge dead spot when paired with a DR right before the pipe hits.

2. The exhaust flange is weak.  It will bend when you torque it down and can cause air leaks as it loses it grip on the cylinder.

3.  The header is HUUUGE. You will have to grind out either your cylinder's exhaust port or grind down the header to make it fit the cylinder.  This also causes problems on at least the DR kit and maybe others where the mating surface isn't large enough for a complete seal.  You will possibly have to add material to the kit and will definitely want to use a different crush gasket as the ones sold on here are too small and will restrict the pipe and won't make a good seal.

Outside of those issues, this is a great pipe and will let you dust your average hobbit setup.

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